PW 006: Itasca - 'Ann's Tradition'

Perfect Wave is very happy to announce the release of 'Ann's Tradition,' an album of guitar instrumentals from the L.A.-based folk singer-songwriter Itasca (Kayla Cohen). A fitting soundtrack for sun-dappled car rides and balmy evenings at home with the window open. 

Limited to 100 copies, 50 of which come in special packaging with a vial of water bathed in the lunar eclipse of October 2014 in California.

Now available in the store

Preview the first track below:




We Are Fools — Feature Film

by Zeljko McMullen & Severiano Martinez

A psychedelic cinematic exploration and an exalted home movie — represented by depictions of the Major Arcana of the Tarot. A set of characters were assigned to fit the archetypes of the Tarot, and scenarios were staged to allow each character to improvise and invoke their understanding and autobiographical relationship to the symbols. The intention of We Are Fools is to explore an unconscious narrative pieced together by carving out a universal story from a series of improvised scenes rather than working from a plan or script. It is a visual poem primarily designed to work on the viewer's subconscious level, igniting universal ideals.

Featuring improvised performances from Tony Conrad, MV Carbon, Doron Sadja, Carly Ptak, Eliza Swann, and many others.

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Wish : Arcana — Video Mandala Album

A series of 22 meditative and hallucinatory video mandalas created by abstracting We Are Fools - a visual poem of live rituals invoking the Major Arcana of the Tarot, set to music by Wish (Zeljko McMullen).

This combination of ambient, symmetrical visuals and sound brings the viewer into a trance-like space, conducive to clearing and elevating perception.

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