Perfect Wave Vol. 3 Is Now Online!

Featuring Laraaji, The Wish Book, Speaking Plants, Anna Huix, Alyssa Berg,  Iasos, Linnea Vedder, Eleanor Antin, Pauline Oliveros, Aisling Hamrogue, Fosterville: The community that has its shit together, Nate Grace, Evie Elman, Judith Malina, Michael P. Daley, Maxwell Donnewald + Jake Lemkowitz

Check it out here

New Tape Edition!

PW012: Jeffrey Alexander - 'Astral Traveler'

"Celestial navigation music with electric piano, accordion, electric guitar, bells, percussion and talking book phonograph. Inner light time-folding exercises meant to shine a beacon from planet to planet. Sounds that need to be shared in order to maximize their power for intended effect. I recommend you closing your eyes and focusing on the images before you."