Photo: Muyassar Kurdi

Perfect Wave is a curatorial platform based in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY, run by Camilla Padgitt-Coles and Ka Baird. Founded in 2011 as an online magazine, Perfect Wave has grown into a fully established platform that has managed the release of recorded works, published a magazine and curated performances throughout NYC. Perfect Wave maintains a committed vision to experimental performance, sound, and art with a special interest in creating intergenerational dialogue.
Perfect Wave remains steadfastly committed to the preservation and presentation of experimental expression with an emphasis on time-based performance. Through recorded media, live performance and published interviews, Perfect Wave is interested in not only the manifestation (performance) of experimental practice but in the germination and process involved in such undertakings. In this age of rapid change and building tension, Perfect Wave also believes in the importance of creating intentional conversations between generations, gender, race, and sexual orientation in order to help work through difficult issues together, generate understanding and ultimately build stronger, more connected communities. 

We curate events in our D.I.Y. venue Pineapple Reality.

E-mail us @ perfectwavemag [at]