We are very pleased to announce three new releases coming out through Perfect Wave this fall~~~

PW023 Bryce Hackford 'Looking Off'
PW024 Private Elevators 'LA Looks'
PW025 Tropical Rock 'Yellow Dock' 

Each album will be available in an edition of 50 on tape as well as digitally. We will be celebrating with two events; a release at the Knockdown Center on Sunday, September 10th with live performances from Bryce HackfordPrivate Elevators and Tropical Rock (featuring special guest musician Taralie Peterson of Spires That in the Sunset Rise on saxophone) as well as musical selections from DJ Nina throughout the eve, followed the next week by a listening party replete with cushions, tea and visuals installation at Commend.

Full information in facebook event here


Past Events


6/25~~ Grounding Activation 004 w/ Sandy Gordon & Colin Fisher @ Pineapple Reality, Brooklyn, NY

6/03~~ Josephine Foster, Body Love (Baird & Zerang), Nick Hallett @ St. Ann & the Holy Trinity Church, Brooklyn, NY

5/05~~ Overnight Sleep Concert at Magick City @ Magick City, Brooklyn, NY

4/06~~ Perfect Wave Vol. 4 Commendation: Ivy Meadows and Ka Baird @ Commend, New York, NY

3/26~~ Grounding Activation 003 w/ Diana Policarpo @ Pineapple Reality, Brooklyn, NY

3/18~~ Perfect Wave Vol. 4 Celebration w/ Live Sets: Lea Bertucci, Orakel, Ka Baird - Readings: Cat Tyc, Jillian McManemin @ Pineapple Reality, Brooklyn, NY

2/18~~ Thistle w Pook, Olden Yolk, Ursula Kennedy @ Pineapple Reality, Brooklyn, NY

2/05~~ Grounding Activation 002 DAVID FIRST @ Pineapple Reality, Brooklyn, NY

1/06~~ David Grubbs, Anastasia Clarke, Alper/Padgitt-Coles, Julia Santoli @ The Knockdown Center, Queens, NY


12/18~~ Paideia: Chanelle Bergeron/Blakeney Bullock/Widow, Tropical Rock @ The Knockdown Center, Queens, NY

12/10~~ Zaïmph, Fursaxa, Samara Lubelski @ Pineapple Reality, Brooklyn, NY

12/04~~ Grounding Activation #1 @ Pineapple Reality, Brooklyn, NY

11/16~~ Benefit for RAINN (with New Party Systems) @ The Park Church Co-op, Brooklyn, NY

11/04~~ XTREME NOW – A lecture by Taraka Larson @ Printed Matter, New York, NY

11/11~~ Ivy Meadows, Power Mystery, Sex Crystals, Channeling @ Muchmore's, Brooklyn, NY

9/02~~ MSHR, Million Brazilians, Spires That In The Sunset Rise, Arrington de Dionyso @ The Park Church Co-op, Brooklyn, NY

8/27~~ Daniel Carter/ Kevin Shea/ Tim Dahl/ Will Cameron & Future Shuttle @ The Park Church Co-op, Brooklyn, NY

8/02~~ Sex Crystals (Luke Simon Album + 'Zine Release), Sunmoonstar, Euglossine, Wish, Ivy Meadows, Perfect Wave DJs @ Trans-Pecos, Queens, NY

7/16~~ BENEFIT FOR JUSTICE AND PEACE (with New Party Systems and Music Off McGolrick) @ The Park Church Co-op, Brooklyn, NY

7/06~~ A Microscope (Kris Wettstein solo piano) with visuals by Camilla Padgitt-Coles, David First, Kathleen Baird/Muyassar Kurdi Duo @ The Park Church Co-op, Brooklyn, NY

5/28~~ Energy Star + Bryce Hackford Dual Cassette Release featuring Delia Gonzalez, Alice Cohen, Sapropelic Pycnic, Lights by Ivy Meadows @ The Park Church Co-op, Brooklyn, NY

4/24~~ Somos Monstros, Guardian Alien, Sapropelic Pycnic, The New York Review of Cocksucking, Perfect Wave DJs @ Trans-Pecos, Queens, NY

01/24~~ LINE & HOOK Book Release w/ Original art by Alyssa Berg + Candlelit poetry readings by Ben Nadler, Robert Balun, Simon Jacobs, Mel King, Margot Farrington, and Joanna C. Valente @ Pineapple Reality, Brooklyn, NY


12/15~~ Wish 'Infinite Orchards' Record Release w/ Nightliker, MV Carbon, Ivy Meadows, Michael Beharie DJ set @ Trans-Pecos, Queens, NY

11/19~~ Folk-Lords, David First, Kurva Choir, Jeanann Dara @ Trans-Pecos, Queens, NY

10/23~~ Astrology Now with Bruno Coviello + Screening of We Are Fools @ Tarot Society, Brooklyn, NY

10/14~~ Sapropelic Pycnic (Solo Piano Record Release), Patrick Noecker, Synthetic Love Dream Solo @ Manhattan Inn, Brooklyn, NY

10/10~~ Tom Carter/Pat Murano, Mosses, Ka Baird/Sandy Gordon, Ivy Meadows @ Trans-Pecos, Queens, NY

9/20~~ Maia Ibar Cassette Release + Sound Bath @ Pineapple Reality, Brooklyn, NY

9/13~~ MV Carbon, Spires That In The Sunset Rise, Marcia Bassett & Samara Lubelski, Lea Bertucci/Amirtha Kidambi/Tony Gedrich, Lights by Ivy Meadows @ The Silent Barn, Brooklyn, NY

6/28~~ Auditory Driving & Acupuncture by Kate Henderson w/ Sonification by Data Garden @ Pineapple Reality, Brooklyn, NY

6/27~~ DOG YOGA: A Practice To Honor The Four Leggeds with Amy Jenkins / Music by Tropical Rock @ Pineapple Reality, Brooklyn, NY

6/25~~ Shane Butler performing Percy Playground, Nate Grace (of Pure X), Tropical Rock, O' wonderer @ Trans-Pecos, Queens, NY

6/14~~ MSHR, Eartheater, Zaïmph & Sapropelic Pycnic, Lea Bertucci, Lights by Ivy Meadows @ Torus__porta, Brooklyn, NY

5/31~~ JUICY STAKES: Readings by Ted Rees, Jillian McManemin, Stephen Boyer + Jennifer Tamayo / Music by Ed Askew and Yva Las Vegass @ Pineapple Reality, Brooklyn, NY

5/09~~ PLANNING THE PAST PROUDLY PRESENTS: THE MAGICIAN. illusions of art reenchanted and demystified by Iris Dankemeyer @ Pineapple Reality, Brooklyn, NY

3/04~~ Greg Fox, Daniel Pearce/Andrew Smiley, Auditory Driving & Acupuncture performed by Snaykhunt, Sapropelic Pycnic @ Trans-Pecos, Queens, NY

2/22~~ Itasca, Causings, Non Human Persons @ Pineapple Reality, Brooklyn, NY


12/09~~ Bryce Hackford, Private Elevators (Cassette Release), Forest Management (Cassette Release), Tropical Rock (Cassette Release) @ Trans-Pecos, Queens, NY

10/20~~ PRE-CMJ SHOWCASE: Black Valleys, Little Band of Sailors, Ami Dang, Itasca, Taraka Larson (Prince Rama) DJ @ Trans-Pecos, Queens, NY

9/25~~ Workshop by IASOS: "Using Sound for Light-Body Activation and for Healing" + Perfect Wave Magazine Vol. 3 Release Party featuring SQUATCH and Sapropelic Pycnic @ Body Actualized, Brooklyn, NY

9/02~~  We Are Fools DVD Release Screening + Readings by Tarot Society @ Body Actualized, Brooklyn, NY

7/23~~ Rachel Mason: Songs from The Lives of Hamilton Fish, Lauds, Lazurite, Silent Isle @ Trans-Pecos, Queens, NY

6/15~~ Ben Seretan, Forest Management, Energy Star @ Trans-Pecos, Queens, NY


2/29~~ Perfect Wave Vol. 2 Launch + 12" EP Release w/ Corridors, Hiro Kone, No Receptor, Ivy Meadows DJ @ Zebulon, Brooklyn, NY


1/13~~ Perfect Wave Vol. 1 Launch + Readings by Tony Martin and Will Cameron / Music by No Receptor, Internal Dismemberment @ Zebulon, Brooklyn, NY