Maia Ibar
'When You Close Your Eyes / And I See'


Maia Ibar of Dual-Split and Rita and the Labyrinth is experimenting with restorative sound voyages. She is interested in assisting you, her, him, them, to come into natural states of balance and harmonies through tones, frequencies and sound. Mysterious but familiar senses of timelessness, traveling through space, or back in the womb... Seeing "when you close your eyes," and "I see." We can always see, we are awake, we are awake.

Synths, Bells, Chimes, Drums, Tibetan Bowls, Vocals, Production: Maia Ibar
Guitar, Bass, Production: Baptiste Ibar
Vocals: Jean-Pierre Ibar
Mastered by Zeljko McMullen

Perfect Wave 2015