Rita and the Labyrinth
'Lavender Ambien'


Rita and the Labyrinth is the solo project of French/Basque/American painter, singer, performance artist, and multi-instrumentalist Maia Ibar (Dual-Split, TEEN). From various nests in snowbound New England barns, the cloudy sides of French Basque hilltops, and deep within Brooklyn warehouses, Lavender Ambien was composed patiently and piecemeal over the last seven years with sketches and songs accruing layers over time, with support of friends and family such as the Lieberson sisters of Brooklyn's TEEN, Jen Turner (HWGM, Thrillionaire), Jane Herships (Spider), Pete Kember (Sonic Boom, Spaceman 3, Spectrum), Sam Fleischner, Baptiste Ibar (Bizi Gara), Will Crofoot, Oona Ibar, Zeljko McMullen (WISH), Arley-Rose Torsone, Pat Noecker (RAFT, These Are Powers, LIARS) and Camilla Padgitt-Coles (Ivy Meadows, Future Shuttle). As wistful, curious, vulnerable "Rita," Ibar invites you to join her in "The Labyrinth," a soft and winding sonic playground comprised of lapping synth waves, nostalgic ambient '80s fairy-pop soundtracks, and magnetic fields of slow sensual ecstasy. Ibar creates bed that wins out over starting the day or a glittery neon fish that entrances you into following them on a prolonged underwater excursion. Lavender Ambien as a whole listen may transcend the listener and release them like freed fire-flies.


Maia Ibar: Vocals, Synths, Drums, Guitar, Chimes, Production, Mixing
Baptiste Ibar: Guitar "Bloat" 
Kristina "Teeny" Lieberson: Vocals, Synths on "Get It Right" 
Lizzie Lieberson: Vocals "Love Waiting" 
Jen Turner: Guitars "These Dualities" "Love Waiting" 
Jane Herships: Vocals "Love Waiting" 
Pete Kember (Sonic Boom): Mixing "Frozen Again" "These Dualities" 
Zeljko McMullen: Mixing, Synths "Thrive Not Survive" "Driving Away" 

All songs mastered by Zeljko McMullen

Cover Art: Tristan Martineau, Maia Ibar

Perfect Wave 2016