'Infinite Orchards'



Check out the video premiere of "Life's A Dream" on THUMP

Check out the video premiere of "All That You Want Is Yours" on THUMP

Check out the track premiere of "Life's A Dream" on The FADER

"Wish is the recording name of Zeljko McMullen, a musician and artist who founded Brooklyn performance space Paris London New York West Nile in 2006, which later became the now-defunct DIY venue 285 Kent Ave. His music, like his life, orbits this particular seam of New York's underground: smiley-eyed electronic pop songs that sound homemade, yet reach for the stars." 

Photo: Deana LeBlanc

Photo: Deana LeBlanc


Infinite Orchards is the debut full-length LP from Wish a.k.a. Zeljko McMullen. Its genre self-described as "Alternative Religious Club", this 12-track album alchemizes elements of pop melody, electronic minimalism, mantra-like vocals, and refined noise in an orchestral context. Each song cushions at its core a simple yet powerful message created with the intention of transforming the listener's perspective to a more reflective, positive place over the course of its perfect pop-song length duration.

Infinite Orchards was recorded in Brooklyn and Upstate, NY between 2010-2015 by Zeljko McMullen (Wish). Mas Ysa aka Thomas Arsenault lends vocals and production to the track "We Are Fools". Michael Beharie plays acoustic guitar on "All That You Want Is Yours". Curtis Swinford plays drums on "Waiting". Additional lyrical content on "There Is A Place" from Leif Shackelford, Hermes Trismegistus, and Ian Curtis. Mastered by Sarah Register. 

Perfect Wave 2015


Edition of 200 on randomly colored vinyl

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