Xtreme Now: Speed Art, Extreme Sports, and the Sublime
by Taraka Larson


Though Taraka Larson is most known as one half of the now age sister duo and surreal dance-pop band Prince Rama, she is also a writer of music in its relation to aesthetics and metaphysics, and XTREME NOW: SPEED ART, EXTREME SPORTS, AND THE SUBLIME is her third manifesto. In Larson's introductory manifesto THE NOW AGE: MEDITATIONS ON SOUND AND THE ARCHITECTURE OF UTOPIA she outlined cosmic patterns and rituals in both the immaterial and the material aspects of music and performance. Her second manifesto, APOCALYPSE NOW: POP MUSIC AND THE END OF THE WORLD (Perfect Wave 2014) focused on the cyclical nature of time in relation to the regeneration and decay of pop music through the ages. In her latest manifesto, XTREME NOW, Taraka Larson pushes her philosophy of the Now Age further exploring life as a continuous daring act of performance art, examining the phenomenon of extreme sports through the macro lens of history, as well as prophesying a future of "speed art" fusing extreme sports, time travel and the sublime experience. Part critical analysis, part science fiction, and part metaphysics, Xtreme Now outlines a future where energy drinks sponsor art museums and beauty is rated by speed, while simultaneously boiling time down to an eternal prismic state of presence— "A Now Age Book of the Dead".

Published by Perfect Wave, 2016
Printed at C&B PRINTING in New York, NY
Edition of 111

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